There are few things that move me more than hearing how someone is taking actions, growing, and transforming. What an honor to interview Nichol and he...View Details

Have you ever switched paths right before you were going to reach your goal? You know that feeling, you have created a workable plan and have started ...View Details

Welcome to Episode #42!  Mel and I were taking a course to enhance our business offerings and met at the end of the course conference in Toronto! Me...View Details

Do you know your numbers?  I meet with clients all the time who have no idea of their profits and losses from month to month.  It took me a long time...View Details

#40 Falling Down

Accountability is key for achieving all things of greatness in life. My experiences and those I consult and mentor have proven this to be true. Someti...View Details

Welcome to Alaska Tracy podcast.  I am thrilled that you are here and so excited to share this episode with you. I was following a lady on Instagram ...View Details

“Live your life on purpose.” —Crystal Paine With the help of an amazing community and mentor in my life (and a super supportive husband), the new busi...View Details

The Holidays can be oh so very stressful for many of us! Stress can keep us stuck, depressed, feeling hopeless and out of control.  It is an icky plac...View Details

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Alaska Tracy’s Podcast. I am honored that you are listening! Please subscribe for more goodness and feel free to...View Details

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