In this Alaska Tracy Podcast episode, I sit down with Misty Cogdill who is the founder and CEO of the Handwriting Soul Academy. As the number 1 best-selling author of the book “You Can Heal Your Life with Handwriting”, Misty has been studying the benefits of handwriting for over a decade.

Misty works with business owners, network marketers, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and service professionals, or anyone who wants to increase their business and reach their goals. Using hypnosis through handwriting and the power of questions, Misty is able to extract her client’s full potential.

Prior to getting married, Misty had always wanted to teach others the importance of handwriting and help them change their handwriting techniques. Her mother had always wanted to change her handwriting, even when Misty was a little girl. Misty noticed this desire and began questioning the significance of handwriting and became fascinated with the relationship between handwriting and what it tells us about one’s inner self.

Misty explains that when you’re looking at handwriting in general, big and bubbly handwriting is an expression from the heart. Tiny and pointy handwriting is an expression of intellect. Handwriting is a graphic representation of our subconscious thought patterns and a map on paper of how we think internally.

After getting married, Misty felt this shift after changing her name. Your name is your identity and when you write it down or sign your name, you’re telling the universe that this is who you are. Gradually you become what you write down and you become reflected in your style of handwriting. When you get married, you take on a new name, with a new signature, and a new persona. Misty explains that when you shift the way you write, you shift your blockages. Making small adjustments with your handwriting can help you heal, grow and shift negative obstacles.

Reflecting on her own life and experiences, Misty was bubbly, extroverted, and had a huge passion for life. During her marriage, she became a new version of herself; someone with less energy, less drive, and was becoming more of an introvert. Misty questioned all of this, and could not figure out answers to where her old self had disappeared to. After 6 years of marriage, Misty got divorced and reclaimed her maiden name back. Of course, this came with the return of her old signature, and gradually, her old self. Within less than a year, Misty was on the path to becoming her familiar, bubbly self that she missed tremendously.

Moving on to work in real estate, Misty was able to see a plethora of signatures from various different clients when signing for homes. She used this as her own classroom for understating and analyzing people’s signatures and handwriting. Misty learned that certain letters of the alphabet can tell a lot about your personality. When we fall in love, get divorced, or survive a serious illness, we dramatically alter our concept of life. As a result of this, our handwriting changes. Changing the way letters are written can help us on our journey of self-development and changes within our lives and Misty has dedicated her life to experimenting and fact-finding these techniques.

Misty re-enforces this powerful message by going on to explain that changing your handwriting can help you get rid of old habits and limitations. These limitations can hold you back from the thing that you truly desire in life and Misty has now created a method of empowering people to clear these generational patterns. By shifting your handwriting, your old patterns are deconstructed and you let go of familiar patterns that may hold you back. Unlike other coaches, Misty is able to develop specific coaching to help you reach your goals by analyzing personality traits and blocks found in your handwriting.

Misty offers incredible coaching packages that inspire others to learn handwriting patterns that mirror their best traits, bringing their soul’s true potential to the surface. Misty’s number one best-selling book “You Can Heal Yourself with Handwriting” can be found on Amazon and you can also reach out via her Handwriting Soul Academy website. The Handwriting Soul Academy is on all social media platforms and there is a public Facebook group where Misty goes live twice a week. You can contact Misty via email at to find out more about her offerings.


01:10: Introduction

05:44: The shift

08:14: Before Handwriting analysis 

08:49: Realization

10:10: Is there anyone else?

11:20: When did you start consulting?

18:45: How can we contact Misty

19:53: How do you define success?


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