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What an honor to connect and get to know the amazing Karlene Cameron.  Karlene and I connected on Twitter (again great way to build your business and life).  She is an author, Business Owner, Marketing Professional, Professor, Mom, and Wife.

Her story is a story of perseverance, belief, and determination to become a published author of 5 books.

For years she worked in the corporate world and still does as a marketing professional.  She also taught as a University professor. 13 years ago she found herself going through the motions of a horribly boring daily routine craving something more.  She was feeling unfulfilled, trudging through each day and at the time a single mom raising 3 young children. She was working on her MBA in the evening and struggling to make ends meet.  Focused on being a good parent and trying to find a little slice for herself.

Karlene sent me her remarkable story, and here it is:

About 12 or 13 years ago, I was bored...going through the motions of a horribly boring daily routine. I wanted something more...I felt unfulfilled, slogging my way through the corporate 9-5. At the time, I was a single mom raising three very young children, trying to earn my MBA in the evening, struggling to make ends meet, be a good parent to my kids, and still try to find some time in there for me. I was disappointed with the romance novels I was reading, so I decided to start writing a romance novel! At first, I kept quiet about it ...for many years. I didn't want to explain my failures if it didn't work out.

The novel, Dark Awakening, took 10 years to write. While some of the delay was simply trying to find time to write, I also didn't know what I was doing (lots of mistakes my editor had me fix later!), and of course, life events didn't have a way of helping! I told myself so many stories and made excuses ..."I'm not good enough to be a writer, who would want to read this, why am I trying so hard, what do I have to prove?"...the list goes on. I was my own worst enemy! During those 10 years, the children graduated, I graduated, I found true love (got married), moved, bought a new home, made new friends, lost old ones, and changed jobs (several times). There were lean times and there were not-so-lean times, but I never gave up on my novel. When I finished the book and knew it was time to start a concerted hunt for a publisher, the self-doubt came out in full force! My husband encouraged me and I sent the first round of query letters to about 20 publishers. Of the first batch, two publishers were interested: Vanilla Heart Publishing and Black Velvet Seductions! I chose the latter, and the rest is history.

Now, I'm halfway through the third book, Dark Storm, which I expect to complete this year. Dark Gathering (the second book was released last year). I've learned a lot, made some mistakes, but I just keep moving (I feel a bit like Dory in Finding Nemo; keep on swimming, keep on swimming...)

So I'm definitely no stranger to struggles.

I'm also a business owner. About 2 years ago, I decided to launch my own marketing business, MKS Solutions. That has been a whirlwind as well, but with every roadblock, I keep pushing forward.

My goal, says Karlene, is to be profitable in my business within 5 years (so I can quit my corporate job), and have 5 books in publication. I'm getting there…and you can find her website at https://karlenecameronbooks.com

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