What a fun interview with Betty Withrow. May you find her as inspirational as I do.

I met Betty through a speed networking platform and she was terrific about keeping in touch with me when I explained wanting her help to get a 10-year book project finished.

Betty's patience, kindness, and persistence in asking me questions helped me to get Eddie's Journey completed. Betty was a fantastic book coach for me, holding my hand and encouraging me to take small steps and get to the finish line! 

Betty Withrow is a creative professional who has spent her life working in the visual arts and the written word. 

An entrepreneur since the age of 16, she has worked in ranching, and food service, as a fashion original, and as a writer.  For 47 years, she was been a resident of Big Sur, California, doing whatever was needed to make the day work. While raising a ranch in the remote backcountry, she created local businesses and worked with retailers in many different areas, learning the language of sales from first-hand experience.

She is well-known for her top-quality fashion and home décor line, made by hand in her studio, no two pieces alike.  Her devotion to quality and her expert and meticulous artisanal craftsmanship make her items sought-after in the marketplace and considered collectibles.

Betty Withrow is a book coach, and an editor as well as a copywriter for professionals and business owners. She is a specialist in language and the art of persuasion by means of the written word.

She is passionate about providing support to her clients to get their message and voice out in the world. When editing, she makes sure to keep the tone of the author and when creating copy, she focuses on the use of the language to meet the needs of the market her clients want to serve. She is a published author and her blog has a large online following.

Here are a few ways you can reach out and connect with Betty:

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