Thank you old and new subscribers for 5 years of listening to Alaska Tracy Podcast!

I had to look at the dates to confirm it has really been that long and yup, 5 years!!!! 

It has been 5 years of interviews and sharing with you tips, tools, inspiration, and stories from the heart. Five years of practicing podcasting and doing so imperfectly perfect!

Here is my Vision Mapping Framework for you to line out your realistic goals and reach above and beyond! To live a life that inspires and ignites your soul! 

You have all the answers inside. Dig deep and ask yourself why you want what it is you desire? How will it benefit others? Where and when will you take action to get that goal? How will you celebrate along the way? It is all about the journey, right? Getting and exceeding the goal is the icing on the cake and to really enjoy the process, that is the INSPIRATION!

May this episode invite you to take action today. To stop waiting for that perfect time to live a life that ignites you and those around you.

The photo is from the back of 'Eddie's Journey' A Special Read for the Rescue Dog Lovers’, by Tracy Roesch Williams - ME!

As I type this, I await my Author's Copy to proof, and then click that Big Ole PUBLISH button! This link allows you to preorder and get a signed Eddie Pawtograph copy delivered to you -->

It was one of my Visions to complete the book and I did it with the help of so many beautiful souls encouraging me along the process, including David Jensen Photography who took the front cover photo of handsome Eddie! 

Please feel free to reach out and have a discussion on how you can Vision Map ALL things you desire. Go to and click the red Le's have a Conversation button to set your time!

Enjoy today and as always, click the subscribe button, share with your friends, leave a review and THANK You for listening!!! 

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