Welcome to Episode #7! There are statistics that say when starting a podcast, most don’t make it past Episode #7, so I am over the moon to be here, and I appreciate you listening! Stay tuned for Episode #8!

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In Episode #5, I talked about growing your business and life using Twitter. If you missed that, you may want to listen after you finish this one. The reason I mention that is because Roy Huff contacted me via Twitter regarding a possibility of being on my podcast. Roy typed in key phrases and words to find people that are podcasting and blogging. He gets how to use social media to influence his business, life and help countless people along the way! In less than one week of connecting with Roy, he has introduced me to more than 1,000 new Twitter followers! Feel free to connect with Roy on Twitter at @EvervilleFans tell him Alaska Tracy sent you!

So, this week, I had the privilege of interviewing Roy HuffHe is a research scientist, author, and teacher who overcame a family hardship plagued by poverty and mental illness.  Roy moved to Hawaii after graduating high school as valedictorian a year early at age 17 with only $100 in his pocket looking to start a new life.

When I asked Roy how he found Alaska Tracy, he said he was looking to connect with like-minded people and companies to share his message and book, Think Smart Not Hard. After having a conversation which then led to the interview, I was amazed at our similarities. My purpose in life is to be of maximum service to people and to teach, inspire and encourage others to find their purpose to fulfill a rich, meaningful life. Roy’s purpose is one in the same! My hope is that Roy’s book will be in your toolkit when seeking direction, happiness, and success.

I share with you Roy’s story of HOPE and inspiration, and, wow, what a story he has! He has turned his hardships into motivation, inspiration, and opportunity. I was overly impressed with all of his accomplishments, including earning five degrees and two graduate degrees (after age 30); publishing four fiction novels, the Everville series, and ghostwritten more than a dozen fiction and nonfiction books. The words that come to mind when thinking of Roy’s accomplishments and published works are proficient, outstanding, energetic, inspiring, and clearly a man of action!

Roy’s new book, “Think Smart Not Hard: 52 Key Principles to Success and Happiness”, will launch Friday, June 9. Sign up to receive a notification when it’s released; plus, get access to Roy’s exclusive toolkit for taking immediate action to start changing and improving your life! You will not want to miss this!!!

Roy shares a few of his “52 Key Principles to Success and Happiness” with me in this interview.  The “52 Principles” were created for you to implement a system in your life.

My hope, that you enjoy the interview as much as I did!!

Alaska Tracy’s Free Gift to you this week is compliments of Roy Huff. Enjoy his life-changing audiobook shortlist! Thanks, Roy!

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