What an honor to interview Christine, The Business MD. I have known her for years and yet this interview solidified that she is the “real deal.”  I learned much from our conversation about her experiences that is valuable for me and the clients I work with.

Christine’s expertise is her special recipe featuring her passion for helping people, businesses, and organizations dive deep within to create authentic change in business and in life.

Her skills and strategies put people in the emotional driver’s seat, helping them to navigate through lifelong challenges and allowing alterations inside. This is the beginning of an opening for change, growth, and new opportunities to blossom individually and within the organization.

Christine shares her story from Chicago to Alaska and WOW, what a LEAP of Faith story she has! I got teary eyed several times.  Her career in Sales Engineering led her on an Alaskan adventure in 2001. She signed up and headed to Alaska on a mountaineering course (btw, she had never hiked mountains).  While alone on a glacier, she heard a voice from deep within her soul telling her about a Vision for her business and life. She knew she would be making the move to Alaska. Returning to Chicago with this newfound Vision, she started setting intentions and actions into place.  Christine made the move to Alaska one year later in 2002.

Upon arrival in Alaska, Christine knew she would need to go back to college in order to gain the knowledge needed to help others get to their root causes. So, while consulting as an entrepreneur full time, she went to school full time.  Christine completed her master’s degree at Alaska’s APU and then went on to complete her research, earning a Ph.D. in the process. Christine is truly a determined, knowledgeable individual.

When working with Christine you can expect to start with her "Emotional Intelligence Assessment.” This can be done online from anywhere you live. The purpose of this is for you to give Christine 3 to 4 questions that you want answered about yourself.  Yes, that is not a typo. Questions about yourself. An example:“Why do I feel the urge to run when success starts appearing in my life?” Now get this, you answer the questions and send them back to Christine for her to analyze.  So in other words, what fear are you wanting to discover as the underlying condition?  Christine can then help navigate you along the path of opening up to change and allowing growth opportunities to flow in.

Ready to change and grow in ways you never dreamed? You can get hold of Christine at www.thebusinessmd.net  You can fill out the form on her site and let her know your concerns and challenges. She also likes phone calls too; 907.223-8403.

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