Will your purpose get you through the tough times? The times when your head questions what you are doing, you lose a client, you stumble, fear approaches, or you feel stuck. These times will appear.  

My experience is if my purpose is not very strong when these times show up, I lose focus and often divert off course. My purpose or WHY must be stronger than my head chatter!

This week, I am sharing a short story about hitting a bump and fear setting.  Oh, the fear was overpowering and I wanted to throw in the towel on Podcasting!!! 

Guess, what? I got back up!  I get to share with you how my purpose keeps me moving forward! By sharing maybe you won't make the same mistake.

I met my new friend that I talk about in the Podcast via Twitter, so it seemed appropriate that this week your Free Gift is:

Alaska Tracy’s “rules” for Etiquette on Twitter.

Thank you for listening today - as always, if you found this helpful please share with your community and comment below.

Enjoy ~




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