Hello everyone and thank you for listening in today.  I wanted to tell you how much I have appreciated you over the last 8 weeks.  I have learned so much about podcasting.

When I started this podcast several people asked me what my goal was.  A few people told me it looked like a ton of work.  Several people have emailed me telling me they are learning so much each week.  Those are the emails I cling on to especially when doubt and fear jump into my brain.

The original goal was to create a 90-day system and then launch one of the two online courses I have created.  The weekly outline looked something like this; Podcast, Blog, Facebook Live, and Newsletter.  I have remained on target with all of these except the Facebook Live.  I decided to create a private Biz Vizion Facebook Group instead.  Why not help those that want to learn and grow and collaborate with other like-minded folks in a more intimate setting?  So, let me know if you would like to be added to that group, and I will gladly send you an invite!

The reason for the 90-day system was to find the people that are attracted to what I am teaching and give them (you!) lots of great, free info; plus, I wanted to grow my database. See, I have had a database since my first business in 2003.  It has followed me with every business since I sold the first one.  The people in my current database may not be interested in what I am teaching or the services I am selling.  The 90-day system was a way to attract the people that are interested and want more information from me.  That was the initial goal... to grow Alaska Tracy’s database.  If you listen to any of my teachings you will know, I teach Vision Boards and host workshops.  Have a Vision, create action steps, implement and ...here is the KEY: LET GO of the Results!  The letting go is the second hardest thing; the first is starting the Vision Board.

Taking my own advice about regarding my 90-day system has been...well ...interesting to say the least.

A few Ahassss! Because of doing an interview with a resort in Alaska, a new Social Media Marketing luxury tour company hired Alaska Tracy.  Biz Vizion Podcast attracted author, Roy Huff in Honolulu who contacted our team for an interview to talk about his upcoming book. Because of Roy's savvy tech and marketing skills, he introduced Alaska Tracy to more than 1,000 new followers.  Several of the followers have contacted me about social media, coaching, and other industry niches.  By the way, if you missed the Episode #7 where I interviewed Roy, you will want to check it out!

Has our database grown?  (Remember, that was the initial goal.)  Yes, it has grown!  

The database is one of the foundations of the business.  The company's website is the other foundation.  However, if a company is not feeding and nurturing the database, it is really pointless.  It sits and becomes stagnant.  Take it from me, I have done both.  A database that is nurtured is a database that will help your business and life grow in ways you had never dreamed.

How does one go about nurturing their database?  Or, what if you don’t currently have a database?  First, exhale.  You are taking an action to grow your business.  This is good!  It is also going to take time and the “w-word”: WORK!  Time and consistency equal results, always!

There are many free platforms to create or move your database.  I like MailChimp.  It is free up to 500 names and easy to navigate your way around.  Their support is wonderful, as well.

Create an action plan. Example, I will have 100 new names entered into my database by __/__/___ date.  Then, how will you get these names and email addresses?  Stumped? Here are a couple of ideas for you.  

  • Try the old-fashioned way: pick up the phone and talk to people you know, i.e.: old clients, new clients, the stack of biz cards on your desk (I know you have them!), people you meet at networking events, etc..  Think outside the box.  
  • Where can you meet people that may be interested in your products, or services?

My belief on adding people to database lists is the same as adding people to Facebook Groups.  ASK first.  Do not assume all will want to be on your list or in your group.  Take the time to ask.  This allows you to connect with the person as well.  Share details about your business and more importantly, ask them about their business and life.  This is a great opportunity to create relationships.  It is a pinnacle piece in our fast-moving, digital world and will get you further than simply adding people without having a conversation.

Have a strategy that you can tell people about and be excited about it!  Here is my secret strategy: Let’s say I run into an old client in the grocery store, and we actually have a conversation.  I ask about them first and foremost.  If they ask about my business, I tell them.  Then I casually say, “Hey, would you like to be included in my Social Sensei weekly updates?”  Nine times out of ten they say, “what is that?”. So I tell them, “It is a digital update where I share weekly tips and tools to grow your business and life. I share business as well as social media tools.”  If they say “sure”, I get the proper spelling of their name, business, and email address. BOOM!

Then follow through.  Again, this can be difficult as it involves creating a system.  First question: What are you going to give your database on a regular basis? Meaning, what info are you going to share to educate, entertain, and enlighten your database. No one likes to be sold to all the time, so a creation of content that keeps them wanting more is always a good idea.  Look to those that are doing this in your industry. Follow their lead.  Don’t copy, however, watch what they are doing and, more importantly, giving.  It is not bad to connect with the leaders in your industry and collaborate.  You could publish one of their blogs on your newsletter (with their name and info), do an interview with them, invite them to your Facebook Live or a podcast interview.  Go to the leaders until you become a leader in your industry.

Just as you weed and feed your garden, your database needs the same in order for it to grow and produce results in your business!

May weeding and nurturing your database flourish your business and life!

Please feel free to comment, share or email me if you know of someone that may be a good fit for Biz Vizion with Alaska Tracy’s podcast.

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