Welcome to this week's Biz Vizion episode with special guest Zachary Jeans.  Zach is a Keynote Speaker, Independent Strategist, and Salesforce Ecosystem Influencer. He’s all about the chatter on Twitter and goes beyond the one-sided sharing. Today, we’ll chat about the impact and why it matters; plus, for those who stay tuned, there’s a FREE gift at the end!

I was fortunate enough to meet Zach 5 or 6 years ago on a Twitter Chat called “Lead From Within” with Lolly Daskal.  Zach and I and a group of leaders met every week for a few years.  We formed business and personal relationships.  I also did business coaching with Lolly at one point!  These relationships have been instrumental in the growth of Alaska Tracy.  The group of leaders refer business to one another and, more importantly, help provide business support.  When I get stuck, am challenged or have a business question, I can reach out to the host of friends I connect with worldwide.

Zach has gone on to form the Tweet Chat Impact Matters on Mondays 3P Alaska / 7P EST.  Tweet Chats are a great way to get yourself known as a leader in your area of expertise, even if you are just starting out.

Listen in to hear more about how Twitter and Tweet Chats can grow your business and your life. Oh, remember to follow Zack on Twitter @ZacharyJeans and tell him @alaskatracy sent you!

This week, Alaska Tracy’s FREE gift is in sync with the podcast episode.  Download your FREE Tips and Tools to Make Each Tweet Count.

Twitter is a simple and often confusing platform.  The question is, how can Twitter put money in a bank account?  Follow these tips and tools to gain a better understanding of Twitter and how to grow your community or “following”.  On Twitter, you’ll learn from others, grow your business and your life.

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