“Take actions to move through the fog and rejoice in the clarity that unfolds.” ~ Tracy Roesch Williams


Last night I arrived back to reality after 6 weeks of retreat planning and doing, family visiting, and walking through fear.  Again because of my Vision Map, I landed on the other side of growth. 

On my Vision Map, last summer was the Vision to create and implement a Women's Vision Mapping / Meditation Retreat in a remote location in Alaska. That Vision came to fruition in June.  The retreat was filled with magical, growth moments as each of the women completed their Vision Maps. We took time out for a four-hour kayak adventure, ate amazing food, and shared intimate stories that moved me to my core.  I came home and my brother, his wife, and our niece and nephew visited our Alaska Adventure Home. I have lived here 21 plus years and this was their first visit. We had planned 8 days of adventure and enjoyed each and every moment together. I took a full 8 days off from the business to be fully present.

Then the FEAR set in. Fear of . . . What next? Another retreat? More workshops? Consulting one on one? Selling my journal? WHAT?  I sat still and did nothing...I take that back. I scrolled randomly on Social Media and went into that Social Media hole. Maybe you can relate.  Have you ever gone down the Social Media endless HOLE? The hole that sucks you in and takes hours away from your reality?

When teaching and consulting, my answer for this state of affairs is to go back to meditation, writing, and finding the core that may have you stuck. After that process (which may take some intense work), take the info you gathered and share it with a mentor, coach, confidant.  Then and only then can we break free and move into action. So, because I am uncomfy preaching and skipping the practicing part, I got into action! I then called a mentor (or two) and found the root of my fear. Then the AHAAAAaaaas!!!! And then into actions to move me and the business forward.  Oh, the light at the end of the fear is so BRIGHT and magical! There, beyond the fear, can be clarity, focus, and joy. 

Enjoy this episode as I share the journey through the fog, to the other side of fear and the magic that ensued as I ventured up the foggy mountain the following day and my thoughts shifted.

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