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What an honor to speak with Lindsay about her creation of Constellation Shopping.  Lindsay took the pain point and words often heard by those of us living in Alaska, “sorry we don’t ship to Alaska” and created a successful business.

If you live in Alaska, you know how it is. You hop on a furniture site, fall in love with a piece, and get all the way to the ordering part, and you see that they do not ship to Alaska.  Oh, the frustration!!! But, wait! Constellation Shopping Services will connect the dots! Take a look on their site to see some of the brands that they have shipped for our customers.  Lindsay says we are not a shipping company, we are a shopping service.  Lindsay says, “we can ship from any store that takes orders online or by phone!”

Her own experience begin as a child growing up in Alaska and experiencing different stores in the ‘lower 48’ when traveling and being amazed. She knew from very early on Alaska was missing out.

Now as e-commerce has become a part of our daily lives, it’s still difficult for many people to ship to Alaska, especially when it comes to furniture.

Lindsay’s business plan started with the customer’s experience at the forefront.  She launched Constellation Shopping Services at the toughest time of the year in business in Alaska: January.  She had her first client before she even flipped on her “open” sign.  Within the first few months, orders flowed in to prove that Constellation is a business much needed in Alaska.  

As Constellation Shopping Services comes upon year three, Lindsay continues to be active in community networking groups. Constellation Shopping’s goal is to branch into the design aspect of putting your space together i.e.; Ikea kitchens. I know from first-hand experience, as Lindsay has helped me with a few of my designs for our unique log home.  

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