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This week’s featured interview is with Liz Eldridge owner of The Spice and Tea Exchange in Anchorage, AK. Liz shares the story of how her franchise business, The Spice and Tea Exchange came to be in 2015.  When asked about her Vision as a business owner, she said she had never dreamed of becoming a business owner until she had a turning point in her life as an accountant. Since early childhood, she’d had a strong passion for cooking.  She went on to share the excitement of creating a business plan, followed by the wonderful unfolding of The Spice and Tea Exchange and its beautiful location in Anchorage, Alaska.

As the Alaska Small Business Development Center says, “Featuring a wide-range of high-quality spices, teas, sugars, and salts, the Exchange is home to a number of hard to find and unique seasonings, blends and teas....Entering the shop is like immersing yourself into an old-world marketplace where the sights and smells will inspire you to try something new and exciting. And if the store alone isn’t enough- their amazing website is home to a wealth of delicious recipes including Garden Garlic Bread, Lavender Lemon Cupcakes, and BBQ Bacon Brie.”

Liz’s brilliant community involvement has led to speaking and inspiring young entrepreneurs as well as incorporating events to include many partners in business.  She has a creative marketing way about her as well as a strong desire to serve and delight each guest who enters her location on O’Malley Centre Drive in Anchorage.

To find out about the events offered, visit:

What a gift to learn more about Liz and her business and discover some amazing recipes!


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