The Legacy of Zena Flair

Thank you for listening to this very special episode! Six-year-old Zena Flair left this earth on Monday.  She fought the good fight against Osteosarcoma, bone cancer, for 11 months.  She was a force in my life and countless others lives, so I thought I would share the top seven legacies that she left me with. May they help you in business and in life.

  1. Love - No matter what - love others. When you are unhappy, sad with others, in pain, or whatever life throws at you: love.
  2. No whining or complaining...unless others can be helped or motivated.  Helping others to move forward in life is a good thing.  Sometimes whining helps to encourage this.
  3. Daily movement - Move your body somehow, some way each and every day. Movement helps our minds, bodies,and souls.  Movement is key to longevity in life.
  4. Carry yourself with grace - Even when you feel defeated, afraid, sick, or frustrated. If you focus on your feeling or illness, it will intensify.  What we focus on expands. So by carrying ourselves with grace, we will have grace in our lives.
  5. Playing is essential - Playing helps to not take oneself and life so seriously.  It helps us to lighten up and laugh.  
  6. Always be aware of your surroundings - Basically, stop and smell the flowers, hear the birds, look around you, and see the miracles that life offers you.
  7. Greet others with love - This helps with judgement of others and allows compassion toward others. However, it is not mandatory to be friends with everyone you encounter.

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