Episode 27 ~ Life Happens

Thank you for listening to this episode!  I hope this finds you productively into the new year.

I wanted to share with you what the heck a Vision Board Guide (my business title) really is. My primary purpose in life is to serve others. One of the ways I get to do this is by guiding people, businesses, and organizations to achieve greatness via Vision Boards. ***No scissors or glue sticks involved. The goal; to create a compass for one's visions. The process is done by writing goals, action, and implementation steps necessary to actually reach the desired outcome. I facilitate the connection of one's heart to their head.

So when s#!t hits the fan, how can your Vision Board be your compass to achieving your visions? It is a pathway outlined in detail -- no photos glued on boards. Instead, I use a writing technique to go deep into exploring one’s purpose and the steps needed to achieve the desired goal and accountability. No extra fluff stuff; just a real working PLAN to get you from point A to point B.

I always focus on the Universal Law. Imagine creating action and implementation steps to actually achieve your desired goal. Guess what? The Universe responds!  ALWAYS!  Does this mean that we will get everything we think we want?  We may, or the Universe may provide beyond what we could have ever imagined. When we let go of our desired results and let the Universe step in, ALL things are possible. So we do the work needed to obtain the results.

Now, we have all these goals and action steps written down holding us more accountable to what we said we would do. Imagine something in life appears: a death, accident, loss of some kind... a number of events could come up at any time. When these types of things happen, we tend to fall off a bit. We’re out of routine and out of the rhythm of the work we were accomplishing. For some, they never get back into the groove of things; therefore completely losing sight and progress on their goal. If there’s no roadmap to begin with, then it’s easy to get lost along the way. But, with your personal compass and Vision Board, the chances of you getting back into the swing of things is much higher than if you had nothing in place.

With clarity comes a sense of freedom. So, are you ready to take the steps to achieve the success you desire?

AlaskaTracy@AlaskaTracy.com for Vision Board Workshops or Retreats.

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