Inspiration from Speaker & Author Chris Edmonds

 Thank you for listening in to Episode 26.  May you be enlightened and inspired by this podcast.

Five years ago, Chris and I met through a Tweetchat “Lead From Within”, that we participated in along with Zachary Jeans (from Episode 5) and Terri Klass (from Episode 25). This Tweetchat run by Lolly Daskal became instrumental in my life and in the growth of my business due to the information it contained and these leaders that it brought into my life. You, too, can use Twitter to grow your business and life. To find clarity and guidance in how to do so, listen in to episode 5: “The Power of Tweetchats.”

In today’s episode, Chris shares his Vision throughout the years, including his career with Ken Blanchard, writing “The Culture Engine” as well as six other books. It was when he hired Brand Strategist Mark Levy that he became very clear about his Vision: Make values as important as results. When he reached this epiphany, his business began to explode.  

Chris asks the question, do you want a purposeful, positive, productive culture? If the answer is yes, Chris creates an “Organizational Constitution” for the clients he works with. An “Organizational Constitution” teaches leaders how to pay attention to the company's culture via trust, dignity and respect.

I asked Chris about his challenges along the way as a solopreneur. Chris outlined the struggle of being on his own and the obstacles that have made him who he is today. Throughout our chat, he used the word TRUST over and over.  I appreciated when Chris talked about a challenge. He backed it up with how he used a solution for each obstacle along the way. Chris also shared advice on how he finds it important for people to surround themselves with their very own tribe. This tribe is a group of people that you can learn from, grow with, bounce ideas off of and TRUST. The tribe is based on real-life relationships. (Imagine that?!)

What a wonderful opportunity it was to have this interview with Chris!

Enjoy this episode, and please contact me if you know someone that may be a good fit for an interview on Alaska Tracy’s Podcast!

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