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As an entrepreneur, you may feel isolated, which breeds many negatives for business growth and creativity. Asking for help is a crucial step for growth and success.   

Having a business coach, consultant, mentor, or group that you can bring thoughts and ideas to is essential in avoiding and walking through challenges.  Think of your business as a garden.  Your plants look like they are dying, and you have no idea why.  If you are like me, you have taken great pride in all your efforts thus far, and you want to figure out what is wrong and how to help them.  So you contact a master gardener, a gardening group, or a garden guru to help you.  It is often a simple fix (like too much water for your tomatoes)!  The same is true with your business.  Tweaking things as you go along is as important.  Someone on the outside that has no vested interest in your business can help you do this.

I met Jenna Gessay 5 years ago when Alaska Tracy was a little seedling.  I was involved in a coaching group, and one of my accountability partners had worked with Jenna for her business.  She was experiencing amazing results, and I wanted what she had!  I hired Jenna for a 60-minute consult call.  We first did a grounding exercise and practice that helped me to listen to my inner intuitive self.  In total, I have had 3, 60-minute sessions with her throughout the past 5 years of my business; and each time, I have walked away with knowledge about myself, my business, my relationships, and my life.  Knowledge is key, but it is what we do with that knowledge that is the game changer.

Here is some info about Jenna:

Jenna Gessay is a visionary Intuitive Consultant and a California native who finds her deepest joy helping people express their highest potential, living from a guided place using their intuition as a language to connect with the Divine.  She loves traveling the world and exploring global education environments, all while connecting with Spirit to channel guidance for businesses and people of all ages. She is a passionate entrepreneur, healer, and spiritual leader; sans woo-woo.  She is a whole-hearted believer in each individual and their dreams.  Jenna is able to see the big picture and loves to shed light on it for each person she communicates with.  She has helped thousands of people change their lives for the better through her groundbreaking Intuitive Wellness sessions and Immersion Workshops.

With a marketing degree and background working for Fortune 500 companies, Jenna is savvy in the business world and knows how to use her intuitive sensibility to bring businesses up to their highest potential.  She specializes in assisting game-changers with innovative ideas to launch successful, spiritually-rooted businesses and training business leaders to operate intuitively.

After 10 years in the pharmaceutical arena, an elite biotech career, and working in teaching institutions, she is passionate about healing as an inside-out job.  She teaches several workshops to help empower healing movements through the mind, body, spirit connection.

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Enjoy this episode, and please contact me if you know someone that may be a good fit for an interview on Alaska Tracy’s Podcast!

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