October is my month! Always the month of exciting changes. I sort of thrive on the changes.  I was in fear the other day and sharing my feelings of fear with a friend.  She said to me, I thought you recreated yourself many times over the last 19 years? I also thought you thrived on change.  I was caught! I thanked her for the reminder. I have learned feelings are not FACTS.

I consider myself a creative, a soul seeker. Always looking to push me into the unknown waters.  To go beyond the voices in my head that are often loudly telling me lies.  They try to encourage my soul to follow and keep me stuck and stagnant. They tell me that I am not good enough, smart enough, capable enough and all sorts of other lies.  My soul loves to rise above these voices and prove them wrong! 
In this episode, I share my real live journey. The raw stuff.  My struggles.  My 19 year journey into the solution.  The solution which has allowed me to follow my Visions and teach others how to follow theirs.
p.s.  You are invited to Vision 101 - Keep Looking Forward.   We kick off online tomorrow (it is recorded if you can't make the time). Here is the link:http://ow.ly/fOGV30fMqf5
As always, thank you for listening to this episode.  I love to share other's journey to success.  Who do you know that may be a good fit for an interview? Please send them my way: AlaskaTracy@AlaskaTracy.com 
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