Thank you for listening in this week to Episode 17.  Biz Vizion with Alaska Tracy continues to amaze me as the universe steadily provides astonishing connections in my direction.  In this week's episode, I got to interview Nicholas 'Nick' Coriano from Connecticut.  Nick contacted and connected with me through Twitter.  

You can also watch this interview on Alaska Tracy’s YouTube channel: Alaska Tracy YouTube.

Nick has been an entrepreneur since he was a teen.  He is quite diversified and passionate about all of his experiences and businesses.  I had a hard time keeping up with all of his energy!  Nick's story is one of perseverance, determination, and giving back.  Nick is a multifaceted finance professional who was a former wall street executive and is currently a consultant to clients on 5 continents. Nick shares successes and mistakes throughout the interview.  He likes to remember them, share them and hopefully learn from them.  Nick is a vlogger on YouTube with a goal to help 1 billion people become millionaires.  Nick currently published an ebook, Rules for Entrepreneurship: “Notes for living life on your terms and taking on the bull.” His book outlines the key principles he has observed from successful business people.

“If you believe and tell people what you do, after you visualize it, it will happen” is Nick’s motto in life.  

If you are struggling with all the technical aspects of writing a business plan, Nick is your go-to guy!  He can help you create your business plan, complete with long-term goals and action steps.

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