Welcome to this week’s episode with guest Debbie Ashley of Thrivoo Marketing! The Universe has guided me to do this podcast so that I may inspire and help you by inspiring and teaching.  Each week the Universe continues to send the perfect people my way to help you along your journey in business and life.

With each episode, it is my goal to find people that are passionate about their life and share their journey with you. Their stories prove that anything is possible with a vision and steps, which means you can achieve your vision, too. Oftentimes, by hearing other’s stories, we are able to let go and trust that we, too, can have big, rich, meaningful lives… that we can take that Leap of Faith — whatever that looks like.  For some, it may be leaving a boring job and creating a thriving business; for others, it may be taking the risk to love; or maybe your Leap is to travel somewhere new.  Whatever it is for you, may you find your truth and live a life that is beyond your wildest dreams.

I was guided to Debbie via a Facebook business group we both belong to.  I am delighted to share her story with you!  

Debbie shares her story about stumbling into the Hosiery business, thus the beginning of her entrepreneurship.  Debbie’s life mantra is “Live Life On Your Own Terms.”  This mantra has created a  business that empowers women to find their voice. By finding their voice, they can learn to speak their truth.  Once women find their truth, they are often free to leave their 9-to-5 jobs and create their own business that is rich and fulfilling.  Isn’t that the overall goal we all seek? To lead rich, inspiring and fulfilling lives?  

As always, thank you for listening, commenting and sharing this week’s episode. If you know someone who’s story is filled with inspiration, please drop me a message as they may be the perfect fit for the podcast.  Oh, don’t forget to click SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed Biz Vizion with Alaska Tracy!

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