Welcome to this week’s episode! What a gift and honor to meet Erin Kim and interview her.

Erin and I met at a mutual friend’s wedding four hours outside of Anchorage. It was an all-weekend wedding at a remote lodge, and Erin’s very first wedding and first trip to Alaska! Yup, her very first wedding she traveled all the way from NYC to a remote lodge in Alaska!  It was a cool, rainy weekend, and we had a blast!

Social Media, is all about being social and creating relationships to enhance businesses and lives.  That weekend, especially,  was an opportunity to meet new people from all over the country, including a Grammy-award winning trumpeter!  I was reminded of the importance of the human connection without technology. WiFi was limited and conversations were flowing.

As my husband and I were mingling with new friends, the conversation transitioned to Facebook, and many people were seeking to desperately simplify their life by avoiding it.  I then mentioned using it to grow my business and other’s businesses.  As I was sharing my perspective, this amazing lady joined in the convo.  She had cool fingernail polish and was the best dressed there (besides the bride).  I  was told I must meet her as she, too, was Social Media savvy and did it for a living.  My brain turned to fear for a second.  Fear that she may know more than me, fear that she was dressed better than me, and all the other odd judgement fears that I tend to have float around from time to time.  Then Erin walked up and our introduction was made.  I knew right then and there that we would be friends and that I could learn from her.  I also fell in love with her style!

We sat next to each other at dinner and chatted all things Social Media, Alaska, New York, and life!  I asked Erin if she would be a guest on my podcast, and she did not bat an eye before saying she would be honored!

So listen in! Erin talks about Zines, which I knew nothing about.  Check out her Instagram post where she walks us through folding and cutting Zines.  

More questions?  I will put her contact info below.  Feel free to reach out and ask her.  She is a very friendly, approachable person that is always willing to share!

We talked about Snapchat and Instagram storytelling.  Here are some of her examples:


Entertainment Weekly Snapchat story- this video shares both stories Erin made for “The Walking Dead” finale spoof for cover launch and for the “Mr. Robot” cover launch (the second one starts at the 1:00 minute mark). They're her two favorite Snapchat stories that she did for them.  Erin also launched them on Instagram with a scripted narrative.

Here is a Snapchat story Erin filmed live at the BBC America party with celebrities.  


For Erin’s birthday earlier this year, she created a music video out of Instagram's Boomerang feature. We didn't talk about this in the interview, so you are getting a little extra, and Erin thought we might enjoy it as a fun version of Social Media storytelling. (Watch the Instagram post here.)

So if you want more info and also want to enhance your Social Media, feel free to connect with Erin via the links below.  Tell her Alaska Tracy sent you!

Instagram: www.instagram.com/agnesonduty

Twitter: www.twitter.com/erinykim

YouTube (singing/songwriting): bit.ly/erinsings

Facebook: www.facebook.com/agnesonduty

Email Newsletter (creative writing/essays): www.tinyletter.com/erinkim

Website: www.erin.kim

Personal essays: www.medium.com/@erinykim

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/erinykim

Lettres Mag updates (love this one!): www.instagram.com/lettresmag

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