Are you curious about creating your own podcast?  My hope is that after listening to this interview, you will be more certain if podcasting is the right choice for you.

Ten weeks into podcasting and the learning curve continues!  I dove head first into creating Biz Vizion with Alaska Tracy with no clue to what would be involved.  The goal: to create a following interested in the two online courses my team and I created, consisting of a 90-day goal with action steps for each week.  Because I have done vision boards for years, I knew the end results would far exceed my expectations.  This continues to be my experience.  Show up, learn all I can, share with my community and let go of the results.

I got to Episode 3 and I panicked! I started comparing what I was doing with other podcasters… ones that had been podcasting for years.  I freaked out and encountered many technical questions that were not in my skill set.

I asked for tech help via a Facebook business group.  Several people had suggestions, which lead to more confusion, and then someone private messaged me: Dion Sekone-Fraser’s info.

Dion has been a Godsend!  Dion has a music background and is a tech-savvy, 29-year-old with a super cool New Zealand accent! Dion has been my podcasting editor and go-to guy for all of my bazillion podcasting questions!

Dion is at 3 years of podcasting and just aired episode 100!  You can listen to his podcast and hire his service at Honor and Conquer.

In my interview with Dion, he shares his input on which recording platforms may be best when starting out, where to go to have a “jingle” created for your podcast, his personal weekly podcasting experience, tips on how to stay motivated week after week, and more words of wisdom for when you’re starting out! Dion also shared his experience with sponsors and how they approached him, not the other way around!

My favorite part of our interview was when Dion explained to me the importance of having a “WHY”! As most of you that follow me know, I teach this first and foremost to all seeking business and personal growth.

Alaska Tracy's Free Gift to you this week is a podcast checklist. These will help you to create a good foundation before you publish your first podcast. It can save you time and money in the beginning.

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May your week be filled with productivity and fun!



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