Listen to this week’s Biz Vizion with Alaska Tracy, featuring special guest Jeanette Gardiner with Seastar Strategies

I was a little stuck in fear when Jeanette started following me on Facebook and commenting on my business posts.  Why? Because we have very similar consulting businesses.   I have not had the best luck with other consultants or marketing companies in my community, and I was basing my contempt prior to investigation on this.  I went into “lack of abundance” mode.  What that looks like for me is fear of the unknown and mostly that someone else may get something that I think I deserve. Oh, that fear can be crippling.  Can you relate?

It was several months before I allowed the fear to move on through me and started paying attention to Jeanette.  It was then that I learned why the universe wanted us to connect.  I don’t believe in coincidences and realized how many non-coincidences we have in common.  The first and most important connection is our love for our dogs and for pups living with, and dying from, osteosarcoma (bone cancer).  That was the initial reason that Jeanette connected with me.  A friend of a friend told her to reach out to me as our Zena Flair has osteosarcoma and Jeanette’s dear Boone lost his battle earlier this year from this terrible cancer.

When I finally reached out to Jeanette, we talked about our dogs and moving to Alaska from Florida, and also both being from Upstate NY!  There are more similarities, as well!

What a gift Jeanette is!  It turns out that her strengths are my weakness and vise versa.  So, we can really help each other in business and in life.  Imagine that!  I let faith take over and BOOM, I gained a business colleague and a friend.  

I feel so fortunate that the universe brought us together.  I think you will like hearing this interview, and I am hopeful that you will learn something important from Jeanette to enhance your business and your life!

Oh, by the way... Jeanette and her husband just adopted a new fur baby, Tuck!!!

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May your week be filled with productivity and fun!

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