#40 Falling Down

Accountability is key for achieving all things of greatness in life. My experiences and those I consult and mentor have proven this to be true. Sometimes, I take this piece of the equation for granted.

After falling and smashing my face and body into a rock, accountability once again proved to be key for staying the course... or in my case... taking a rest.  I am beyond grateful for all the women in my life that help me to rest and remember my mantra which is 'Slow my Roll so I can Serve Others'.

Are you interested in adding accountability into your business and life?  Alaska Tracy's team is offering you a relief map to your success. July 28th the doors open for you to sign up for Visions to Profits - A Women's Success Community .   This community will be instrumental in helping you map your Visions, create clarity, navigate actions to reach your results, and stay the course.  Early bird info: Email: AlaskaTracy@alaskatracy.com You will be the first to know when doors open and early bird goodies!

As always, thank you for commenting, sharing and most importantly listening to today's episode of goodness.

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