Welcome to Alaska Tracy podcast.  I am thrilled that you are here and so excited to share this episode with you.

I was following a lady on Instagram and became very intrigued with her photos as well as seeing that she had just written a cookbook . . . lo and behold, this is her fifth cookbook in print. So I asked her for an interview and she said yes! I had no idea what to expect when I started the interview with LaDonna Rose Gunderson.

When I clicked on “video,” LaDonna and her husband Ole were sitting in their car in the Ketchikan harbor smiling back at me. They said this was the best place for reception in Ketchikan. Come to find out LaDonna and Ole have one of the most amazing stories!!!  I had tears in my eyes in the first 5 minutes! Their story is one of adventures, overcoming challenges, and an amazingly beautiful marriage of 34 years. They spend all their time together and a lot of it working side-by-side on their 32-foot aluminum fishing boat in Southeast Alaska. So the interview ended up being way more than I could’ve ever expected. Actually, I had no idea, as I always feel divine intervention when asking people to be on my podcast.  I could have talked to them for hours! If you have any questions, comment below and we can do a follow-up interview.

Please listen to the end to hear the story of how LaDonna ended up becoming a writer. Her first book was written because of a challenge they were facing.  It was pivotal in shifting everything in their lives!

What an honor this divine meeting was, and I look forward to giving them both a hug in person someday.  Ketchikan is on my bucket list! When I stopped recording we laughed and laughed and told even more stories. The evening after the interview I was lit up with excitement, wonder, and amazement. There are so many fascinating people in the world that we can learn and grow from, and LaDonna and Ole are two of those people.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy listening to this story of love, inspiration, oh and cooking! I learned a few wonderful tips about marriage and shared them with my husband after the interview!

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did doing it.  You can read more about LaDonna Rose and buy her new book, The Little Alaskan Crab Cookbook at http://ladonnarose.com  and connect with her (tell her Alaska Tracy sent you) on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

Thanks again for joining in. As always, subscribe, share, comment, and enjoy..

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